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« The best defence against evil men are good men who are skilled in violence »

S.I.A. Training

The security industry in the UK has grown tremendously over the past few years, with demand growing faster than ever before. We deliver SIA training courses for: -Close Protection Operative (CPO) BTEC L3 -Door supervision BTEC L2 -Physical Intervention (P.I.) BTEC L2 -Conflict Management -Hand cuffing BTEC L2 -Self Defence BTEC L2 -C.C.T.V. BTEC L2 -Firearms Training (International) -Training the Trainers In-house at your premises, or at any location of your choice in the United Kingdom. Individuals can attend our SIA training courses in London, or at our course locations throughout the UK.

KAPAP Training

We teach “kapap”, which means “face 2 face combat”,it is a  military doctrine fighting system & so lethal, it is dedicated to no-holds-barred incapacitation for the purpose of street survival. no quarter is expected or given.
there is a “civilian” version of it call “krav maga”, & so very effective indeed.
the stabylus of krav maga alike of kapap, includes how to face one or more attackers, with or without weapon, cold or firearms by giving you some strategies & tactics on “what” & “how” to execute a riposte.

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« The best defence against evil men are good men who are skilled in violence »

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