V.I.P. EQUALIZER Luxembourg

« The best defence against evil men are good men skilled in violence »

V.I.P. Equalizer - Luxembourgg
As part of a development strategy, VIPE London has decided to expand its activities by setting up an office in Luxembourg.

Formed as SARL under the Luxemburgish Law, VIP EQUALIZER operates for clients and principals located in whole Central Europe ( including France & BeNeLux) to satisfy an ever growing demande in the region.

Led by Cédric LAOUANI

Managing Director, the company offers a range of expertise focused on the protection of the company and its managers.

Security threat assessment

Security audits

Specialized training in sensitization sessions and industrial counter-malicious actions

Accompaniment in the integration of solutions of defense and securing the industrial heritage

Deployment of protection measures for key people in the company

V.I.P. Equalizer Luxembourg - Security service

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« The best defence against evil men are good men who are skilled in violence »

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